The Stare of a Lovely Stranger

Eyes and grief.jpg

For years, I had avoided

people’s gaze

but there I was, perfectly

at ease in the stare

of a lovely stranger


Merry October, my friends! I hope you are as thrilled as me that Fall has finally arrived. I also hope you are wearing your favorite sweater and sipping some fine tea or bourbon as you read my words.

I have lots of new projects in the works that I will be sharing with you in the next months.

For those of you who enjoyed my second collection of love poetry DEVOURED, you’ll be happy to hear that I am working on an illustrated version of the poem The Bedroom. The book will feature a noir, black and white art style just like the one featured at the top of this post. How can you not fall in love with those sad, sultry eyes!

In Film related news, I am sacrificing sleep to work on both the super secret feature film I previously dropped hints to in my last newsletter as well as my second strange little short. The short will feature excerpts from my poem Warm Machines spliced with clips from the eye-popping visuals of the Electric Sheep algorithms. If you’ve never heard of the Electric Sheep, please check it out. It’s a beautiful and fascinating project. And if you’ve never taken a gander at my first short film, you should definitely feast upon it with your sexy eyes right here.

Lastly and most juicy-juicy, I have returned to working on a dark fantasy/sci-fi horror novella that I’ve been in a love/hate relationship with for more than a decade. The book draws from some of my favorite films and graphic novels, including The Crow, Kabuki, Kill Bill, and Silence of the Lambs. Yeah, soooo… expect it to be very dark and messy. Definitely reminiscent of my earlier prose work in The Muse of Love and Pain. More on this soon!

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