Dark, Brutal, and Rarely Hopeful


These books were inspired by some of the most painful and beautiful moments in my life. Yes, I may still be somewhat of an unknown writer. And I’m no Rupi Kaur. I don’t expect millions of folks to ever understand what I do. My poetry is dark, brutal, and rarely hopeful. I don’t expect to sell out any international book tours anytime soon. But I cannot express how thankful I am to the thousands of people who were brave enough to read my books, and feel my words sing to the deepest parts of their hidden selves. That’s my definition of success. And when I was a dumb little goth kid writing down his first shoddy verse, I didn’t dare imagine creating anything anyone would ever care about. So I just wanted to say thank you. And here’s to another year of poetry, art, and maybe even a little love. I hope you enjoy this pretty shot of my two poetry babies, The Muse of Love and Pain and Devoured, resting on a bed of dead autumn leaves.

Love and hugs - B.B. 

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