New Art Exhibition and Film News!


Hola, friends!

Life has been very chaotic during the month of May, but Mr. Sunshine has been doing his best to keep up with the madness without becoming (too) mad himself.

I was invited by the exceptionally awesome and talented BRIANA.ONLINE to exhibit two pieces from my SHADOWS series in a group show at The Canvas. There was such a great turnout and I was able to meet lots of other amazing folks. Be sure to visit my instagram to see more pics of the show!



We are officially in pre-production for the feature film The Taste of You!

After working on the treatment and script for nearly a year together with producer/director Dan Ventresca, we are in the next phase of development where things really start to get fun. The casting call received over 600 applications in the first day! After camera and chemistry tests, we are finalizing casting for the two leads Sam and Eve. These are extremely challenging roles featuring very complex characters and subtle emotions, so we are doing our best to find folks that aren’t just great fits for what’s already on paper, but that can also elevate the material and take us to places we didn’t even think of.

I am currently working on an Instagram and information page for the film so you can all follow the progress our movie from the beginning to the end. More on that real sooooon.



In other news, I am nearly half done with the first draft of my sci-fi/horror/dark fantasy novella PRETTY HATE MACHINE and very eager to share excerpts with you folks as soon as those are ready. You can prepare for this novel by watching films like The Crow, Kill Bill, and Silence of the Lambs/Hannibal. Yeah, it’s that intense.

As if I haven’t lost enough sleep, I am also somehow finding time to restart an old project in which I wrote short Q & A features on various artists I admire. It shall be called 7Q! The first one is already underway and will include one of my favorite visual artists Melissa Chalhoub. I can’t wait to share her work with you folks and give you a deep understanding of her art and her personality.

Until next time, eat more honey and be kind to bees.

- B.B. Sunshine

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